Saturday, August 30, 2014

Gray Is In Your Future!

Every year there is a new color that is predicted to supersede that ultimate So I'm here to let you know that this Fall/Winter's new color trend is gray.

Futuristic impacts are a huge influence. Some influences are space, other influences are high tech equipment.

There are a variety of shades of gray and marketing them means clever names:  Pewter, charcoal, platinum, granite, ash, silver, smoke, mouse, manatee, slate...and those are just the most common ones.

The great thing about gray (also known as grey) is it can stand alone as a clothing color but it is really easy to accentuate with prints and colors. Jewel tones are beautiful colors to wear with gray.

But there is an important rule:  wear the right shade of gray that flatters your complexion and hair. Some shades of gray will wash out your coloring, some look severe and several are perfect. You really must try them on in great lighting or with a friend who will honestly tell you the truth ("Yes, buy that!" or "No! Take that off immediately!").

If this shade is daunting, try it in slacks or a skirt or even shoes. In fact, gray nail polish is popular as a beautiful neutral to wear.

Wearing jewelry with gray clothing is easy...silver tone sets it off nicely and gem stones pop perfectly.And pearls!...pearls look fabulous with gray.

So if you don't own anything gray, now is the time. Go buy something pretty and wear it knowing you're in front of a trend that you'll be able to wear forever.

Here's a good quote on the topic:

Make your days full, your wardrobe stylish and your ideas colorful.

Until next week, I remain, 

Stylistically yours,