Sunday, July 19, 2015

I Had A Great Thursday With a Long Time Friend!

Janet Pump, 25-888128040012, You can't go wrong with the Coach and Four Janet! This d'orsay pump is the hottest new silhouette! Coach and Four, Main View, T360x450 Main View T360x450  Janet Pump, 25-888128040012, You can't go wrong with the Coach and Four Janet! This d'orsay pump is the hottest new silhouette! Coach and Four, Alternate1 View, T360x450
I know, I know...I don't need another pair of shoes...but they were so pretty and affordable!  I went to lunch with a dear friend on Thursday and we shopped the nearby stores. I saw these Coach and Four Janet pumps and tried them on..they were so comfortable! The insole is lightly padded, they are a pretty nude color trimmed in black and the heel isn't high, so I bought them for $40. I imagine I'll be wearing them a lot. Right now, they sit on top of the box at my vanity so I can stare at them before I got to sleep and again when I wake up.

Then I bought two tops that I know I will wear A LOT. I couldn't find the exact picture but this is so close:
Solid High Back V-Neck Top, 25-54354501, A deep V-neck balanced with a high back neckline creates a stylish look to this must-have top by Grace. Grace, Main View, T360x450 Main View T360x450

The only difference is my sleeves hit just above the elbow (hides that saggy upper arm issue). The fabric is soft and the neckline is flattering (not too deep or wide). I bought a black one (of course) and a sweatshirt gray one for $20 each.  It was a great day at Stein Mart.

My friend bought a beautiful lined black and white wide strip jacket with 3/4 length sleeves, on sale for 30% off.

And if you haven't been to Old Navy, you should go now. They have great disposable clothes (inexpensive clothes to wear until you don't like them anymore and can easily give them away). And great costume jewelry! I bought a pair of front/back earrings for $8 (gold ball post with a "diamond" that affixes behind the ear and hangs down just past the lobe).

And my girlfriend bought several earrings for herself and one of her daughters, as well as a pair of Pixie pants (my favorites) in black with white dots (I have a pair but she looks so much better in hers!).
Old Navy
Old Navy
Women's The Pixie Ankle Pants
Getting great buys is always a great treat but spending quality time over food and fashion with a longtime girlfriend is priceless. We had a wonderful day!

So I am sharing my latest purchases with you to show that we women "of a certain age" can get stylish bargains and not look like an old woman. You just need to look for them..any where.

Until next time,

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I remain,

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Monday, July 6, 2015

This LIttle Pinky Went To the Salon!

I am shocked and appalled! Why, you might ask?

Because I cannot believe how many women have nasty, skanky feet but still wear sandals, exposing those feet to the rest of us.

Image result for ugly women's feetImage result for ugly women's feet

I take two yoga classes, which means that there are a lot of bare feet. Ugly bare feet. Bunions, callouses, and hammer toes aside, there are a few simple things you can do to enhance your feet.

Image result for yoga feetImage result for yoga feet

Go get a pedicure, stat!  And if you are intimidated about going into a salon, do it yourself.

Soak your feet, push back the cuticles, trim your toenails and file them, pumice callouses and PAINT THOSE TOE NAILS!
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If you apply a base coat first, then two layers of a pretty color followed by a good top coat, your pedicure can last over a month.

DO NOT walk around in public in open toe shoes if you can't take care of your feet. It isn't pretty, it is gross and makes you look sloppy, careless and that you don't care about yourself.

Image result for gross women's feetImage result for gross women's feetImage result for gross women's feet

There are so many kinds of polish removers, nail polishes and processes that even those with sensitive skin or allergies now have options...except to show un-cared for feet.

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It gives you some time to sit, relax, binge watch TV, read a good book, nap in a excuses, just do it!

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Until next time, I remain,

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