Monday, December 30, 2013

Whether you dress for weather or not!

Sorry I'm a day late but I've been sick with a bad cold. The nagging cough alone makes my head hurt and my voice is now a bass.

But I'm ready to write.   And today is about how to dress for changing weather.  You know what I wake up and the morning is chilly, so you put on a sweater, or a turtleneck shirt, maybe a flannel ward off the cool weather.  


Then you go out, run some errands or walk the dog and not even halfway through the day, it warms up a lot and you are now overdressed.

So here are a few tips to get you through this changeable weather season.  I LOVE this season - but dressing for work in the morning means that you might be too warm by your lunch time.

The trick is smart layering.

Start with lightweight basics.   A solid colored tee or shirt is a good basic.
Then wear cute sweater or jacket or even an over shirt.  You can next put on a jacket, vest or coat.   

And add a scarf, hat, gloves -- whatever you need to keep warm but can easily peel off when it warms up.
Boots are great.  So are tights.  And accessories make your outfit look dressy and sharp.

Don't worry that layering makes you look fat.  If it is done right, you will look smart, stylish and comfy.

And let me be your cautionary tale:
*  Wash your hands a lot
*  Drink a lot of water and citrus juice
*  Get plenty of rest
*  Try to avoid being around sneezers or coughers
Do whatever it takes to stay healthy!

And here's to a very Happy 2014!   Are you making any new year's resolutions?  If so, make them for one month at a time, make it achievable and make yourself happy. Remember the below....

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Looking a lot like Christmas!

It is a bit difficult to feel the Christmas spirit in capri pants and tee shirts here in Florida with temperatures in the low eighties!  I'm not throwing the warm weather into the faces of those of you battling the icy cold but I'd like to be able to wear sweaters, jackets and boots a bit before the summer heat and humidity is standard once again.

Dressing for the holidays takes a bit more creativity if you can't bundle up.  So here are a few tips, no matter what the weather:

1.  Absolutely DO NOT wear those ugly Christmas sweaters!  Unless you're an elementary school teacher, you should NOT even own those obnoxious things.

In fact, the only other reason you may buy one is if you are hosting the now-popular holiday occasion, "An Ugly Christmas Sweater party."  Otherwise you run the risk of being the joke of photos and comments behind your back about how goofy you look (and they make you look dumpy).

A dear friend recently told me about a coworker in a professional office who wears a different one every day. My friend was horrified and, as a result, was hoping for more winter heat so the coworker couldn't wear them. Somebody make that sweater woman stop!

2.  However, this is the perfect time of year for some sequins.

You can wear a sequin top with skirts, slacks, even jeans and be festive and attractive.

Sequin skirts are a great way to dress up without being frumpy.

And a sequin jacket is always perfect to brighten your holidays (just do not wear all sequins! You'll look like a crazy woman!) Again, you can wear it with absolutely anything, as well as wear it year round.  A very good investment.

3.  I love cashmere but have only been able to wear one little cashmere tee one time so far  They are available everywhere in turtlenecks, mock turtles, crew necks, vee-necks, cardigans and wraps.  Beautiful, long lasting and comfortable.  Wear them with anything and look perfect.

4.  There are some stylish jeweled sweaters and tops that will dress up your holidays but be careful when you buy them. Check to be sure there are no missing "jewels" or sequins.  And hopefully they will have a little attached bag with replacements, just in case. And wear them with a solid pants or skirts so the top is the primary "sparkle," besides your smile.

5.  Statement necklaces can dress up any outfit and frame your beautiful face and they don't have to be expensive.  You can find them absolutely everywhere.

6.  Sateen slacks are dressy and will make you feel special but be forewarned, they do wrinkle a bit.

7.  If you do wear jeans, be sure they are dark wash, which will make you look thin and shapely.

8.  Shoes!   Here is where you can have real holiday fun!


9.  And most important, show your generous spirit.
So true!

I truly hope you enjoy your holidays.  I wish you much joy.  And I hope you continue to read and share my blog with other women "of a certain age," as well as women who aspire to reach "a certain age" with grace and style.

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,