Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fashion for the Ages

Since this blog began, various friends and the Internet have provided me with resources showing very stylish women of all maturity.  As we know, fashion and style are timeless, which is fun and encouraging for all of us. 

One blog I've subscribed to is "Advanced Style" which is written by Ari Seth Cohen in New York City.  He has published a book of the same name (below) filled with photos of beautiful, fearless silver-haired or silver-lived women he encounters on the streets of NYC and asks if he may take their pictures.  These amazing women are such an inspiration to see and admire.


I love their bravery, their grace and poise, and particularly their "to hell with what you think - I dress for me" attitudes.

If you would like to see more of these fashion role models, check out his website, too.  Not every style is one that I, for one, would emulate.  But kudos to them for "rocking" their own look.

That doesn't mean sloppy, careless or thoughtless, though. As you will note, it is a process of trying on something, eliminating what doesn't work, then walking out the door with your head high and back straight.

Now I know what I want to be when I grow even better me!

Elegance is something more than ease - more freedom from awkwardness and restraint. It implies a precision, a polish and a sparkling which is spirited, yet delicate - Hazlitt

Until next Sunday, I hope someone stops you to take your stylish photo!

Stylistically yours,


P.S. Several friends have asked how to follow this blog. I've added the below link "Links to this post" where you click and then add your email address. Easy peasy!  Thanks for the encouragement - love you all!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So I went shopping yesterday...

And bought the below yellow skirt at Target for only $23.  It is lined and so bright and neon and tad more "bright green" than it looks in the picture.  It has a double vent in the back which is fun to feel on the back of my legs as I walk. The little zipper pocket doesn't really open but who cares!

Mossimo® Women's Zipper Pencil Skirt - Solids

 And I paired it with my cobalt blue peplum top (like the one below), that I have had in my closet.  I got it a couple of months ago from TJ Maxx for $16. 

Then I went to Dots boutique for the first time ever and fell in love with this white bowling bag purse with silver studs all over both sides for only $24.  I wore the entire outfit to work today with a pair of cranberry red Charles and David stilettos and a large gold tone and "diamonds" statement necklace that I've had (got it at TJ Maxx for $20). 
          I've been trying to add color to my formerly all black wardrobe. I guess I did that!  And I can wear these pieces with black, if I choose to.  But right now, this is great fun!

Had to tell you all about it before the weekend.

Let me know what you think.  Back atcha on Sunday.

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, April 21, 2013

This outfit makes me so happy!

Taking the risk of stepping outside your comfort zone

This week I met a long-time friend for lunch. After catching up on her recent job loss, new goals and what we do for fun, we agreed to do some shopping (always my idea of fun) and went to DSW Shoes (it was practically next door!). We strolled around looking at the many, many shoe styles that they carry and then...she did it...she picked up a pair of black shiny faux alligator loafers with a huge squared footbed and clunky thick heels (like below).  After I gasped in horror at the "bigness" of them, I asked her if she was planning to wear them only with pants (but sadly she wasn't!).  So I told her she absolutely could NOT purchase them.  Friends don't let friends buy shoes that don't look good with dresses, suits, etc.


Instead, we looked at comfortable heels with the perfect vamp (she has a bone protrusion on the top of her foot that many shoes hit and cause discomfort).  We found two beautiful pair:  one was a nude patent leather Michael Kors round toe pump with a wooden stacked kitten heel (I have the below black pair that I wear often)

 and a pair of black leather point-toe Tahari princess heel pumps. 



Both shoes are great investments and can be worn with a variety of colors, prints, skirt lengths and, yes, even with pants.

Then, we looked at handbags.  She typically carries a black vinyl tote that she buys each year from Target.  But today, after some collaboration, she bought a beautiful leather Calvin Klein handbag in the color of Lipstick. I showed her (using women in the store who I accosted) how the bag looked with a variety of outfits, colors and fabrics (the women were all willing participants and happy to help).  Below is an ivory version of the same bag.


My friend admitted that the shoes and handbag are not something she would have bought on her own, but she is excited about stepping outside her comfort zone.  So she bought the two pair of pumps and the purse.  She's got some job interviews on the horizon and now she's got the perfect shoes and bag to look stylish, modern and professional.

I had a wonderful time spending her money with her and hope she wears all three purchases with joy and panache.  And that she gets the best job out there!  I think the below quote says exactly what this tale is all about.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
Marilyn Monroe

Don't you agree?  Til next Sunday.....I remain

 Stylistically yours,


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who wears short shorts?

When I was young and thin, I loved my short shorts, especially a pair of cut-off denims.  I wore those suckers ALL THE TIME.  But nowadays, as a "woman of a certain age," I have accepted the fact that those are not a good look for me and I never, ever want to appear on the "People of WalMart" site.

That doesn't mean I can't wear shorts, however.  There are several different lengths that suit. One really needs to find the length that looks the most flattering on you.

For example, there are Bermuda shorts which can hit a little long on your leg but with the right length can look lovely and keep you cool in the summer heat. You don't have to buy solids, either. You can wear polka dots, paisley, plaids, and a myriad of colors to make summertime a fun and fashionable look. And fortunately they are everywhere to be had...Chadwick's of Boston, Stein Mart, Talbot's, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kmart, Target, and GAP.  When you try them on, you'll want to make sure they don't bunch at the crotch - that means it isn't a good fit.  And be sure to walk around and sit down in a chair to check how they feel and look to you. 

Then there is the option of Walking shorts.    They are a little bit longer than Bermudas but also a cool option for summer. The only issue with Walking shorts is they can be looser than the above black pair and that can look a little sloppy, so try them on to check the fit and remember you need to wear crisp shirts and dressier shoes with them.

I know the "What Not To Wear" team often say not to wear capri pants. They say that capris cut the leg at a bad spot and Oprah says, just wear long pants and make sure they're lightweight. I don't pay any attention to either because it is hot here and I know that the right fit and length of capris can make you look like a stylista. In the early sixties, Mary Tyler Moore wore them as Laura Petrie, with little ballet flats and she looked amazing. I know that was a while ago but the look can still be adorable. The below black & white print pair are cute and comfy looking.

However, this blue pair looks terrible and sloppy. There is no good reason to buy and wear the blue pair but it is a great example of how fit and length make a difference in how you look...and how you feel about yourself.

To pocket or not to pocket on your shorts or capris is up to you.  I LOVE pockets but to keep a flat front, I don't recommend pockets. And pockets on the backside, well, that's just more fabric and more attention to my rear than I want to add. It is your choice, as is all fashion.

As Coco Chanel said,   Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.

Fashion and style is everywhere, be a joyful part of it.  Until next week...

 Stylistically yours,


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rest In Joyful Color, Lily Pulitzer!

Today the woman who gave us happy prints passed on at the age of 81.  In her honor, wear colors this week, prints that pop and celebrate her bright gifts to us.


Fit to a Tee!

One of the best ways to dress down but still look good is to wear a plain tee shirt. A tee looks great under a suit, with jeans, with a sequin skirt, under sleeveless dresses and with capri pants and shorts.  However, I have found tee shirts being sold in most stores are not the tee shirts of yore.

In my quest for a plain white tee that took six months, I discovered the following:
  • The newest style is very lightweight and sheer. Too sheer for my preference. Heck, you could see freckles, moles and more than I care to display! When I mentioned it to a sales clerk at Old Navy, she told me that they are designed that way so you can layer them. Layer them! Are you kidding me? I live in Florida AND hot flashes are still an issue, so layering my shirts only means I'm encased in too much fabric and it's just one more piece of sweaty attire I have to quickly strip off.
  • Many of the shirts have cap sleeves. Don't you find cap sleeves to be how you can tell the difference between a youngster and a woman?  Those caps hit at the wrong part of the arm, especially one that has a few wrinkles, age spots or flab. I don't dress to point out my flaws.
  • Too many of them have messages or cartoon pictures on them. Tourists and children can wear those (I love my "I Heart NY" shirt). However, one or two that are special to you are more than enough to own.
  • Several have pockets over our "hearts" -- okay, I'll say it...that sit right on top of our boobs. I don't want more fabric there nor do I want to bring attention there, so those are not on my purchase list.
Happily I found a retailer who sells the perfect tee shirts for "women of a certain age" -- Chadwick's of Boston.  I ordered two white ones and couldn't be happier.  They fit perfectly, they're the best cotton blend (made in India) that breathes, are substantial but lightweight and the sleeves hit right where my bicep muscle shows. I look strong and fit - I love that!

Short Sleeve Crewneck Tee | Chadwicks

They are $19.99 but if you buy two, you get them for $16.99 each. Slip on a blazer and you're dressy enough to go to the theater or work. Wear one with a cardigan and you look stylish and comfy. Or wear it with a skirt and sandals and you're the chic woman of style.

I probably should mention that a tee shirt bra underneath is a good idea (you don't want people to know when you're "cold"!). 

Tee shirts can be a valuable staple of your wardrobe -- as Giorgio Armani stated,
I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.  See, even Armani concurs.

Please let me know if you find great fitting tee shirts out "there" - I'll pass that on. Till next Sunday...

Stylistically yours,