Sunday, October 25, 2015

Powerful Plaids and Panchos!

Are you seeing all the plaids out there?

Thanks to Burbury trends, plaids and panchos are huge for Fall.

But you don't have to buy their products to feel stylish and be warm. Old Navy and Target have exactly what you want in these new trends.

Image result for plaid ponchosImage result for plaid ponchosImage result for plaid ponchosImage result for plaid ponchos

And if panchos aren't your "thing," there's plenty of plaid to go around.
Image result for plaid pants womensImage result for womens plaid coats
Image result for womens plaid scarvesImage result for womens plaid pencil skirtsImage result for womens plaid heelsImage result for womens plaid shirt outfit

There are plaids that stand for various Scottish heritages.

Image result for scottish plaidImage result for scottish plaidImage result for scottish plaidImage result for scottish plaidImage result for scottish plaid

So you could research if you want to represent a particular Scottish clan and find that plaid in stores.

Image result for scottish plaid kilt

Or just take a vibe from lumberjacks and wear a warm flannel plaid shirt as the weather cools.
Image result for lumberjacks in plaid

Just know that whatever you wear in plaid, this Fall, you'll be absolutely stylish!
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Until next time, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Fall Weather Style!

I woke up with the comforter on this morning...guess I got cold during the night and pulled it on! Love this weather so much more than hot, clammy, sticky Florida summer weather. I would love to move elsewhere but my husband is resistant to any change. So alas, I am doomed to run the a/c and stay inside a lot!

Image result for leaves changing color

But the stores are already selling cool weather clothes and it is so tempting to buy pretty sweaters, jackets and wraps. So I admit I have bought a few items that are on trend and bought them inexpensively (in case they last one season).

Image result for sweaters folded and stacked for women

First, I bought a dark gray wool long sweater with pockets. It doesn't have buttons, hooks or snaps, just something long and warmish. I imagine I will wear it a lot. And I only paid $20 at TJ Maxx.

Image result for ladies long wool sweaters coats

I also bought a black suit jacket with ruched sleeves, fully lined with pockets at TJ Maxx for, yes, $20, as well.

Image result for ladies black jacket with ruched sleeves
This will be a great wear with jeans, skirts, dresses, etc.  for those not so cool days. Maybe even summer when I do temp work or go out in the evenings.

I finally had to toss a great pair of blue jeans. They were worn out and a woman "of a certain age" cannot decently wear tattered jeans and maintain an aura of sensibilities. So I will be buying another pair soon (or two). The ones I tossed were Seven7 straight leg jeans in short (cause I am) from Ross for $16 and I wore them out.
Image result for ladies seven 7 jeans

And I knit cowls for myself and friends for those nippy morning walks.  They're fun and easy to knit and they really keep the draft off your neck. You might want to look into this great item as a winter staple. And there are YouTube links that show you how to make them, if you want a great hobby that is fast and fun.

Image result for knitted cowls

The shoe trend for this season (besides boots, which are always in style) is a take on the men's oxford or loafer shoe. I've seen several styles and may have to buy one soon. The trend is to wear them with pants or skirts. Comfortable shoes? Yes, all Fall!

Image result for ladies oxford shoes flatsImage result for ladies loafer shoes flats

Image result for ladies wearing loafer shoes flatsImage result for ladies wearing loafer shoes flatsImage result for ladies wearing oxford shoes flats

I know I might be jumping the gun on getting my cool weather clothes ready for the upcoming season, but after a significantly hot and muggy summer, I (perhaps you, too) am ready for a welcome change of wardrobe and temperatures.

Enjoy the cool Fall season, buy something pretty to keep you warm, and get ready for this cozy time of year! Don't forget Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back!

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Until next time, I remain,

Stylistically yours,