Wednesday, July 23, 2014

They Practically Paid Me To Buy Them!

I was running errands on Tuesday and stopped off at my local Ross store, just to see if there was something I couldn't live without. And...OMG! there was!  (We're really not surprised, right?)

First, I found these gorgeous booties. They were marked down on sale for $9.99, then I used my Senior Discount (10% off). Such a great deal....but there's more.

The price on these Chinese Laundry booties on their website is $120.  So I really got a great shoe for almost pennies! And they are so comfy and stylish.

Then I bought a black pair of Keds Classic lace ups exactly as you see below.

On the Keds website, they sell for $45.  I bought mine for $23.

Ross doesn't kid around with their promise to "Dress For Less" -- I love a bargain, especially on items I definitely will wear often and happily.

So don't turn up your nose at discount can save a ton of money and still be stylish and modern.

The money you save means you can shop more often and save even more money!

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Friday, July 18, 2014

Whoops! I did it again!

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about wearing hats.  Let me tell you something I've learned, not every hat looks good on every person.

I had decided that I needed a fedora to add to my hat collection. I went to Target to the Men's Department and bought one for $12.

Although I thought it looked good, and happily wore it out of the store, my husband and one of my sisters both said it looked dumb on me and was NOT a style I should be wearing. 

So, looking at myself objectively in the mirror, and seeing myself as they saw me (and not seeing me looking like Reese all), I'm back to wearing my rolled brim hats:

and my tan sunscreen hat:

Please allow me to be your cautionary tale...take someone with you when you go shopping. What you want, isn't necessarily what looks good on you. And how you see yourself isn't always how others see you, or even reality.

And just so you know, a neighbor boy is now the proud new owner of a straw fedora.

Like I've said before, it is summertime. Wear a hat (that suits you)! And good UVA sunglasses! And plenty of sunscreen! Take care in the sun and protect yourself from the damaging rays. I want to keep every reader I can!

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dressing Can Be a Balancing Act!

I am writing this post about proportion because I frequently see examples of great proportion and others of not-so-great, so I thought it worth mentioning here.

What I mean about proportion is to balance things to best flatter how you look.

The first example is the ever-popular boxy top.

If you plan to wear a boxy top, then what you wear it with is important. You don't want to wear something big and voluminous on the bottom, or you'll look shapeless or worse, boxy.

Fitted skirts or pants are definitely the right proportion for this big loose top.

And in the reverse, if you wear a full skirt, you want to ensure that your top is fitted (another great example of proportion).

If you wear cropped pants, you want to wear a more fitted shorter top

Because if your top is loose and baggy, you lose your shape, sometimes your height...and again, proportion.

A recent photo of a young celebrity showed her wearing short shorts and a long top -- she looked like she wasn't wearing any bottom at all and caused quite a stir. So if you wear shorts, make sure your top isn't longer than the hemline.

When you wear jeans, you can do almost anything on the top...but be careful about trying to look too western with your choice of tops, unless that is a look you are going for!

Proportion is also important when it comes to jackets.
These jackets have no shape and hide your figure...even making a good figure look shapeless.

But getting one with princess seams, special details or finishes can make you look attractive and shapely.

Another important aspect of balance when dressing is wearing the right shoe.

This is something you need to see in your mirror. A big boxy shoe with a feminine longer skirt is an odd look for women "of a certain age." That isn't to say you can't wear oxfords, shoeties, or Birkenstocks with a dress; just be sure you don't look costumey or you'll stand out in the crowd...and not in a good way.

Jewelry needs to also be proportional. You don't want to wear big bulky pieces with a light flowy outfit.
And reversing that, you don't want to wear tiny dainty pieces with tweeds or wools.

If you decide to layer your necklaces, proportion and length is very important.

And handbag size is really important. Too big and you look like you're lugging baggage; too small and you look like an escapee from cotillion.

The shorter you are, the more critical proportion is to your look.

As this quote reminds us:
Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

So keep that in mind as you shop and as you dress, so you are confident and shapely.
Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,

Sunday, July 6, 2014

It isn't what you wear but how you wear it!

This is particularly true about fashionable, stylish women...and in most cases, French women.

Although we don't live in France, New York or other major style centers, we can certainly "import" several tips for women "of a certain age" and how we look.

One tip is to wear simple clean lines. Not a lot of fussiness is key...that goes with the tops we wear, dresses, skirts, slacks, and jackets.  There's the theory that spending more money on a piece means you have high quality. And I do know that owning a designer piece can make you feel special, it is just that you don't really need to. Just keep to clean lines, basic colors (neutrals), and well pressed clothes.  You don't need a lot of clothes but you do need them clean, tidy and simple. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that no matter where you are, you are wearing what looks best on you.

Another tip is mixing and matching your pieces. That is easy to accomplish with basic pieces. A crisp white shirt looks great with absolutely everything, even over your swimsuit!  Black, grey, taupe, navy are neutrals, as is a soft plaid, leopard, polka dots and stripes. How you pair them up is what makes one elegant.

Then there are accessories...a beautiful silk scarf, pearl necklaces, gold and silver chain necklaces, a beautiful belt, and several cardigans.  
You can wear whatever you like but as Marilyn Monroe did, look in a full length mirror before you walk out the door and remove the one accessory that grabs your eye...because it is a sign that it is too distracting from how you look.

Of course, nothing counts if you aren't wearing great shoes. Every woman needs black heels and flats, a nude pair of both and, in my opinion, a great pair of red shoes. And I am sure that Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" would agree.

If it helps you, when you dress, think to yourself: "What would Audrey Hepburn wear?" She dressed with casual elegance, not unlike a French woman. Yes, I know...she was a size zero and absolutely everything looks better in that size, but dressing with grace and elegance, no matter what size, is easy to do and makes one feel confidant and stylish.

You may have already done your spring cleaning but think about starting again, discarding those fussy pieces, those things you have hanging in your closet "just in case," and those "fat" clothes. Review what classic, basic pieces you own and make a list of what you might need to buy to make your closet the perfect place to dress from.

Wear your clothes with good posture, head up and back straight. Walk with √©lan and grace. Don't forget that you are your own best self... carry yourself  with the specialness you are and deserve to be treated.

Ooh la la, ladies!  Go conquer the world as an elegant, stylish woman of ANY age!

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,