Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ah-mazing New Products!

As I have said before, I am a sucker for good marketing of beauty products and will try, almost, everything. Not being full-time employed, however, means I have to do my homework first.

So, ladies, I'm writing about two products I have to tell you about because I did my research, bought them, tried them and am totally impressed.

No, 1 is Physician's Formula DIY Lash Extension Mascara Kit. I have always had blonde stubby lashes and no mascara has been able to change that very much.  Until this magic kit! You buy ($15) the kit (CVS or Target) and get a mascara tube and a lash extension tube.  First you layer on a coat of the mascara, then with a different wand that comes in the lash extension tube, you brush on the tiny fibers, then mascara again to seal the fibers in place. If you want shocking lashes, repeat the above steps. I'm not kidding when I tell you the results are so amazing!  You can watch a video of this product (on a model who already has long lashes to begin with!) on  I don't wear this mascara kit every day but when I do, I can't stop staring at how long and full they are. And it washes off with soap and water. Now, I haven't cried in this stuff so I'm not saying anything about longevity.  But if you're interested in having lash extensions that don't cost an arm or a leg, this is the answer to your prayers!

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The second product is Suave's Luxe Style Volume Infusion weightless blow dry spray. It is only $6.99 (and available where ever you shop) and for those of us with thin, fine, straight-as-a-pin hair, this stuff is terrific.  I will say that the first time I used it, I was underwhelmed. But I found that putting some bodifying hair gel on my roots then spraying a lot of this spray (more than I used the first time), my hair is huge and whooshy!  I've never had to tame my hair before, but now, I do!
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I need you to know that I do not get any kick-back or coupons or anything for my endorsement of these products. I do, however, get pleasure when I hear back from you, friends, with your feedback -- good and bad.

So let me know if you give either or both of these products and what you think of them.  

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Until two weeks, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Taking the Plunge!

I have always dressed very conservatively. But in this stage of my wardrobe, I have taken the plunge...bought some low cut tops to wear. Well, low cut for me!

Now I don't judge on this matter, as long as you can keep "the girls" inside your clothes. But I have to admit that lower plunged tops make me a tad self conscious and careful how I bend over.
  (okay, these are extreme!)

Are you comfortable in revealing your decolletage?  Do you wear those tops often or for special occasions?

Several of my tops have a deep V-neck and one is a low scoop neck with "gems" around the scoop.

And I don't wear these items very often. But when I do, I like them but I am very wary about bending over. My go-to neckline is crew neck and that is pretty much what I wear the most. With a boatneck every so often.

When you do wear a plunging neck, do you dress up the space with scarves or jewelry?

I am asking because I am curious how women "of a certain age" cope with the wrinkling skin in an aging decolletage.

In Hollywood, you see A LOT of cleavage on the red carpets. Right now, that look is a huge trend. Some wear it better than others. And the sagging is not very attractive.

Please let me know what you do and how you do it. Or why not?

By the way, yesterday, I went to Old Navy and bought a tunic (read last week's post) to wear over my jeans. And though it was $29, I had a coupon and the cashier gave me another, so I got it for $10!

  I'm wearing it now as I write this!  I love it a lot!

The most important thing to remember when you dress, is this.....

Until week after next (I'm blogging every other week now), I remain,

Stylistically yours,