Sunday, May 25, 2014


I think we can agree that some trends are circular...they come back around to popularity. One of those trends is the ugly but comfy shoe called Birkenstock.

Created by a German shoemaker over 200 years ago, this shoe was created to provide support and roominess to our most abused body part - our feet.

Hippies wore them (and many women "of a certain age" were hippies in their youth) and they became a symbol of that era.  These shoes, made from cork, have a contoured foot bed, a deep heel cup and lots of toe room. However, they became passe' and other sandals and sneakers became more popular.

Well, guess who's back!  It only took some young designers to incorporate the look (thank you, Olsen Twins!) into their regular look and badda bing...the shoe has returned as being "so ugly, they're cool"!

  I owned a pair of these and wore them to death.

And now the variety of sandals even come in colors and several styles.

Although they are not cheap to buy, they are better than the knockoffs. I purchased a knockoff pair at Payless Shoes and they are NOT comparable at all. And they caused a blister! Yes, they were cheap and you get what you pay for.

If you look at any fashion magazine right now, you'll see many models wearing Birkenstocks.

There are other comfy sandals such as those by Fitflop, Born, or Teva (for example), several of which are perfect for hiking and wearing on mountain walks or beach strolls.

And no one in Florida can get by without a pair of rubber flip flops (aka: thongs).

No matter what shoe you wear this summer, get a pedicure and keep your toenails pretty! People DO look at feet and what your feet look like says a lot about you. Make sure your feet are clean and callous free.

But if you want to be comfy AND trendy...go buy some Birkenstocks and enjoy some happy walking!

Here's a great thought for summer:

Until next week, I remain,

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Weighty Issue

Recently a dear friend lamented gaining weight, losing it and regaining it -- plus a few more pounds. As I commented to her, ignore the scale.
As we women "of a certain age" mature, our metabolism slows, we have the privilege of eating divine foods and drinks that we can now afford, and, even if we exercise, sometimes the weight just won't go away.  I told her to take care of her body, get regular check ups, don't smoke or be around those who do, drink a lot of water, exercise, avoid too much sun, sleep well, love those you choose to love and laugh a lot.

In addition, though, there are some clothing tips that help us as well:

1.  There is a big difference between tight clothes and fitted clothes.  Tight (or snug) clothes makes one look fat. Fitted clothes, however, mean that you bought the right size for your height and size that complements your look. Sometimes it means having the clothes altered but it is so very worth it. Not all clothes off the rack look good on the female form (unless you're a size zero -- everything in a zero looks fabulous!).

2.  See yourself in your mirror as you really are ... not as you want to look. And be sure to look at your back side to see how your clothes fit.

3.  Colors make a huge difference as do print size.  Dark colors are slimming, small flowers trick the eye into thinking you are smaller, vertical stripes make you look long and lean and there are other tricks of design that really help, as do support underclothes.

garment with vertical line - fashion tip for petite women

4.  Length is a way to flatter your look.  Skirts and dresses that are mid to low calf do nothing to make you look lighter.
  Even a thin model looks dumpy.

Either go long to your feet or at your knee with your hemline.  Not too short because the hemline will hit you at an unflattering part of your body.

5.  Appropriate shoes with your outfit can also make you look thin or not.

Ankle straps make one's legs look thicker...

High top shoes also make you look thick...unless you're young, hip and daring.

Wearing dark tights with these shoes, however, can help with the look.

Pointy toes make you look slim and nudes lengthen your leg.

6.  Monochromatic is a great slimming look.

7. And you can also change the way you are perceived by wearing a long jacket or vest.

8.  You don't want to wear a lot of bulk because it will make you look really thick.

But you do want to wear a few special things - always.....

Great accessories distract the eye.

As well as......
*  A smile to greet those you love and those who don't yet know you,
*  A caring heart for all of life's encounters,
* Good posture to stand tall against the waves that will daily pound you,
* Clear eyes to see everything life offers,
* Curiosity to cause you to question everything and look where you haven't looked before

I hope this post helps you if you, too, feel bad about your body. Please remember that not everyone makes it as far as you have come. Your body helps you get through so much.

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,