Friday, November 28, 2014

Topping It Off!

As I write this, I'm watching a young woman on TV in a flowered top and black skinny jeans. She looks fine but the length of her top hits her at the wrong place. "Wrong place?" you ask.

Yes, it hits her right in the middle of her thighs, bringing emphasis to the biggest part of her body, making her thighs and bum look HUGE.

She would look so much slimmer in a longer tunic or a shorter top. Either would flatter her better and make her look super.

I mention this because we all need to be careful about tops' lengths.

There's a new trend (thank you, J. Crew) where you partially tuck a shirt into your pants. (Note: sleeves rolled up are also very trendy...and comfy!)

There are shorter boxy tops that you need to be sure don't hit you in the "wrong" place. But they look so great with a pencil skirt or fitted pants or jeans.

There are tunics that are priceless. It is not unlike wearing a dress with your pants or leggings under. And they're roomy, forgiving and just perfect for almost every social occasion (depending on the fabric).

And, of course, you can layer your tops. You can mix prints, fabrics, colors and create a great style.

If you, like me, need to hide some bulges and bumps, be sure to look at your tops with a discerning eye. And take a rear view so you know how you look from behind.

I sometimes get distracted by prints, fabric or embellishments on tops I want to buy. But remember, nothing distracts from a poochy tummy or a saggy large bum, if that is something you worry about. Just dress to cover what you don't like and go out and have fun!

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose!

If you, like me, spend a lot of time at home - not working in an office but in your house, taking walks around the neighborhood, doing some yard work or going to the gym, you face a dilemma of what to wear and not look like a hobo. I can look like a derelict in less time than it takes to brush your teeth!

The weather and time of year has a huge influence on what to wear "around the house" and with the cooler weather, it is actually easier to dress nicely.

Boyfriend jeans are great because they're roomy and fit most venues. You can wear them with knee boots or garden wellies or sneakers or flats. You can roll them up or wear them down. See what I mean? Great!

Tee shirts under something can be warm and easy. Flannel shirts over your tee, a cardigan over a tee or, like Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" a long sleeved tee under a short sleeve tee is a fun layering style.

A collared shirt under a nice sweatshirt is a good look and you can dress it up or not.

Turtleneck shirts or sweaters are really warm, thermal shirts layered under a vest, and cute hoodies are such a nice look and will keep you toasty.

Corduroy pants are different than denim and usually warmer. Thermal long undies will keep away the chill. And sweat pants are, of course, an option. I personally do not like the ones with elastic ankles...too much like gym wear. But I do love Target's sweatpants. They look like slacks and several styles have pockets. I so love pockets in my clothes!

And remember that if you dress for the weather, you won't have to run your heat as much and ... the money you save could end up being shopping money!

Until next week, I shall remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Is It Vintage or Just Old?

I had to look up the definitions of vintage versus old for this fashion post:

Old means no longer in general use or of a former time.
Vintage means representing the high quality of a past time.

I needed to know this because I have clothes and handbags that I've kept and wondered if they were just old pieces or now vintage wear (whereas my husband has A LOT of just old clothes!).
Based on these definitions, you, too, can decide if you have vintage pieces or old items.

For example, I have a canary yellow silk shantung rolled neck shift dress with matching coat. I bought it for $8 in a thrift shop many years ago. It is a beautiful classic outfit that Audrey Hepburn could have worn, Jackie Kennedy would have worn (with a pillbox hat) and it still looks flawless and stylish today. It is most definitely vintage and only looks lovelier over time.
Displaying IMG_20141116_121031.jpg

Old clothes, however, don't stand the test of time well. I often clean my closets of old clothes and give them to Goodwill. Too tight jeans, poor-boy ribbed sweaters, sweatshirts, dresses that were trendy but just sad now, handbags that have seen better days or are of styles that are ugly and shapeless now, and suits with big lapels and/or full shoulder pads. Admit have some of those, too.

I still have a clutch handbag by Eteinne Aigner in cognac leather that is in perfect condition and I may carry as vintage. Or my Dooney and Bourke doctor bag that I just HAD to have and is now "vintage" ...and smaller than I remember.

Even today, I love to buy new items that "look" vintagey. I recently bought a black winter top that looks like one that Laura Petrie would have worn on "The Dick Van Dyke Show."  I love it!

Jewelry becomes vintage keepsakes to pass on to younger family members. Brooches, necklaces, earrings, bracelets all have vintage appeal. If you don't think you have valuable pieces, going on Ebay and looking at prices of similar pieces helps to know what you've got. Or go to an honest certified jeweler for your good jewelry assessment.

Some styles that we women "of a certain age" wore are coming back into style again. There is a belief that if you wore it when you were young, you cannot wear it again. Crop tops, halter tops, cut off shorts, denim coveralls, knee high socks, Mary Jane flats, skirts with schoolgirl pleats...I could go on and on. Just dress age appropriately. And if you are in doubt, don't wear it. Listen to your common sense and, sometimes, a friend.

Wearing a lovely vintage piece of jewelry, clothing or handbag will make you feel classic and stylish. Wearing something old will make you feel sloppy and, well, old.

So pick your "seasoned" pieces with this in mind: "Does this make me look stylish or silly?" You know the answer...and want to feel lovely in all that you wear. Dress with your heart and common sense in mind. Fashion is about the latest in clothing -- style is about how you look and carry yourself in your clothes. 

Until next week, I remain,
Stylistically yours,