Sunday, November 24, 2013

I don't understand what makes a trend, do you?

Recently I asked Facebook friends to help me understand the trend of skulls in fashion. I see them on scarves, shirts, belts, socks, shoes, jewelry, even tattoos and I just don't "get" it. I think skulls are creepy and scary, and unless, like one of my Facebook friends suggested, one is in a motorcycle gang or a pirate, it is an odd trend.

I'm not judging those who wear them, but I can unequivocally state, you will not see that trend on me.

There are other trends that befuddle me.

For example, I am surprised when I see young women wearing pants or dresses with hems that drag on the ground.  It may be that they don't want to spend the money at a tailor. Yesterday at the grocery store, a very nice looking young woman was wearing a long black sleeveless dress with at least an inch of hem dragging on the floor, collecting dirt, garbage and filth.  It was unlined so it wouldn't take much to do a do-it-yourself hem job at home.

In my temp job in many buildings as I wait for an elevator, I've seen too many nice pantsuits being dragged through the parking garage dirt, sweeping dust into an office and gathering on the hems making young women look sloppy and unkempt. Tailoring makes such a difference and is so worth the investment. Either that or wear really high heels to take up the length!

Another trend I don't understand is wearing the collar of a shirt tucked into the jacket collar, instead of outside and flat.  It makes the clothes look thrown on instead of the minuscule effort of pulling out the collar of a shirt.  I now see it in magazines, television shows and on the street.  When did collared shirts become "untuck" worthy?

Wedge heeled or high heel sneakers are another perplexing trend to me. Sneakers are workout or comfort footwear therefore putting heels on them, in my opinion, defeats their purpose. Wearing heels is one fashion look and wearing sneakers is a totally different look and wear.

I know that stretching ones ear lobes is a fashion statement in certain areas of Africa but what the heck are young people doing that for here in the U.S.?  And what do they think their career paths will be with that strange look? It is called gauging but it is very bizarre to me.


And wearing sheer tops.  In my belief, one's bra is a foundation garment, not something to share with the world. And certainly not one breasts! It is getting harder to find attractive blouses and tops that aren't sheer!
I am all for wearing what looks good on you and using fashion to make a statement; I'm just perplexed at what these trends say about their wearer.

In my latest Harper's Bazaar magazine, they list the top ten trends that are in for this season and the ten trends that are now out.  I'll share those with you next week.  But take these lists with a large grain of salt. The list is only important for consideration -- we don't live in Manhattan where trends live and breath. It is fun to note, adapt and often, ignore.

Until next week's lists, please keep this in mind...

I think it takes time to find your natural style and learn not to be swayed by trends that might not flatter you.
Martine McCutcheon 

I remain, stylistically yours,


Sunday, November 17, 2013

The shape of the real you - with a little help!

Even with the cold weather, there are some body issues that many of us face....bulges.

Yes, we get a lot of coverage from pants, sweaters and jackets this time of year and they help hide some flaws.  But we should not dress in baggy clothes to hide our "sins."  Wearing big baggy sweaters and slacks is only cute if you're young and thin.  When you get older (and sometimes thicker), baggy clothes makes you look droopy, tired, sloppy and fat.

This is one of the reasons I write this blog.  You don't have to spend a lot of money to look good, look your age and be stylish.  We can show the world that we are attractive, fashionably chic, care about ourselves and others, and make getting older a positive experience.

Happily, there are "tools" that help us do exactly that. We've all seen "muffin tops" -- even on young women. I am pleased to report that someone has come up with a very satisfactory solution to this problem.

Now you can wear these to be stylish and thinner.  And they are not expensive!  They can be found at various department stores (Sears, Target, Penney's, and Amazon online) for approximately $21.99, sometimes cheaper) and they are available in black, white, pink, nude, even lace.

The peplum top is very stylish right now,they cover up a poochy belly or muffin tops and you can find them everywhere (Marshalls, Ross, TJ Maxx) for a variety of costs but not expensive.  I have two and didn't pay more than $20.

Of course, we know about control top panties.  I buy mine one size larger than I should because I've found the ones that are my size to be too constricting, making sitting at a desk a very painful (over time) experience. And then when I stand up and move around, the tingling from blood returning to my numb bum is terrible.
Spanx are the original control tops and Assets are the cheaper version (usually found in Target).  But it didn't take long for other makers to come up with their own versions that you can now buy for as little as $5.99 at places like Ross, Bealls, Marshalls and TJ Maxx. If you don't feel like trying them on in the store, take them home, SAVE YOUR RECEIPT and don't cut any tags or such off of them until you try them on in the privacy of your home.  You can take them back if you don't like them or how they fit.

Another great invention is the long-line bra.  Our mothers wore them to constrict the bra bulge.
    But that's a lot of constriction for me.  Now there are camisoles and bras that are built with control but not as "bra-ish."  Some are called the Ahh Bra or the Genie Bra. They are absolutely everywhere - even my local Wal-Mart Neighborhood Store (groceries, etc.) carries them. They are all pretty inexpensive and simple to wear as they are usually pull over styles.  But be sure to try them on (either in the store or at home) because you want to ensure that the bra bulge doesn't show and that your "girls" are lifted and separated. Also check to ensure that your "girls" are not being pushed under your arms! Sometimes these control tops shove them sideways - let me be your cautionary tale with this!


There are full body "armor" but having hot flashes makes these not a happy option for me.  You can certainly consider them for unique special occasion outfits, though. Look for "easy-to-pee" openings because stripping in public bathroom stalls is not for the faint of heart.

And the high-waisted pantywear are another great option to control that muffin-top.

Spanx Super Higher Power

Of course, these shape wear are only temporary fixes.  We still need to make good food choices (fruit and vegetables instead of cakes and ice cream), exercise (get your bum to the gym, take a long walk, use your Game Boy or Wii system, lift some weights) and drink a lot of water (not soda, alcohol or caffeine).

If you are one of the thin women, you still need to eat right and more importantly, work out.  Thin women face serious osteoporosis in later years.  I found out that lifting weights or using weight machines actually grows bone better than taking calcium pills.  So get thee to a gym, but don't lift really heavy weights - just what is comfortable for you and do a lot of repetitions with them.  It isn't the poundage, it's the reps that make a difference.

With the "food holidays" looming, now is the best time to invest in shape wear for those special outfits and take long walks outside while the humidity is low and the heat is less. Enjoy your life and live it with joy!

I love this quote and may have used it in an earlier post. It is so appropriate to share it -- even again!

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.
Jim Rohn 

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


P.S.  The petroleum jelly eyelash experiment I mentioned several posts ago really has worked! My eyelashes are longer and thicker than before. They don't look like false eyelashes but I have better ones now. Just sayin'!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

What goes around, comes around!

All of us women "of a certain age" know that fashion trends reappear in life.

The mini skirts we wore in the 1960's had returned again in the 2011's.  The same happened with platform shoes from the Disco era to reappear this past year.


 1970 Disco shoes
 Today's platform styles

However, there is a fashion guideline that says if you've worn something in your youth, you shouldn't wear it in your later fashion style.  I do agree with a point.

But there are some items that go-around again that may warrant a chance to wear them once again but updated. Recently, I have fallen in love with "granny shoes" -- those spectator lace up black shoes that our grandmothers wore. While lunching with a friend, I saw a very stylish woman in a black dress wearing granny shoes in patent leather and I couldn't stop staring at them. I remember hating them on my grandmother. Heck, Aunt Bea wore them on "The Andy Griffith Show"!  But now, I think they are something fun and different. I bought a pair of Franco Sarto granny booties and wore them this week at a temp job.  They do look great and will be even better with black tights -- just like an Italian grandmother wore!

Or the military jackets that hippies wore in the 1960's have resurfaced as a great way to impact frilly, feminine clothes into an edgier look. And they're perfect for Florida's cool weather.


Denim, of course, never goes out of style but the specific cut and finish of the denim outfit does change and you need to make sure you aren't still wearing an out-of-date denim outfit.

The last two are examples of the dreaded "mom jeans" - a horrible look!

There are some fashions that shouldn't ever have occurred, in my opinion, such as tie dye shirts (don't wear them now!)

overall dresses      

Or belly shirts

   I don't think I need to say more!

Even if you have a great butt, you need to be cautious about short shorts now.

And please don't wear sandals if you have gnarly toes or don't keep your pedicure up. It isn't fair to subject innocent strangers to that!

(By the way three of those pair of feet are celebritys' feet!)

And braless looks are NOT attractive on women "of a certain age" - this is a look for young, flatter chested women.


It is all about preserving your dignity, while dressing with fashion and trends.  When you're out shopping, ask a stranger - not the sales person.  Those women you don't know who are also shopping will be more honest than a sales person who is supposed to encourage the sale of items.  You can always take a friend you trust to be straight forward or, if you dare, take a teenage girl.  Be prepared though - they can be brutal.


So keep in mind what you want to express through your clothes and accessories. Remember to "dress your age" without being frumpy, dumpy and dull.  And take some risks that are acceptable, fun and stylish. I think this quote from an English actress is appropriate for today's post....

You don't need to follow trends to be stylish.
Naomie Harris 

So until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Walking the Streets in Style!

No, I'm not writing about hookers but about how important it is to show your love of fashion and self image when you're out and about.

I admit I have a tendency to throw on comfy clothes and shoes when I'm going out to run errands but we all need to keep in mind that you never know who will notice you and the impact your look will have.  I subscribe to a daily email called "Advanced Style" created by a charming young man in NYC (Ari Seth Cohen) who takes spontaneous photos of older women he encounters on the streets as they are running errands around town.These women are perfect examples of how to present the fashionably confident "YOU" to the public, as well as expressing themselves by their attire and attitude.  Go check this site and see what I mean.  Of course, most New York women can be extremely stylish but then so can all of us!

I'm so inspired by older women with a young attitude.  This is Linda Rodin


And though many Hollywood stars are young women, there are several women "of a certain age" for us to enjoy for their talents and appearances.

Like the beautiful Helen Mirren

Or Diane Sawyer

Diane Keaton

Even the Queen of England!

Try, this week, to present yourself with grace and style and see if you don't feel a little lighter, bouncier, and better than usual!

6.Stylish older women2
THEY are Sydney's most stylish older women, the true doyennes of fashion who keep looking better the older they get. Unlike the generations ...

Be your best and try something different in your wardrobe this week.

Mix patterns, try a bold shoe, wear something funky, and don't forget great jewelry and a fantastic purse.

mixing patterns like a champ!
mixing patternsmixing patterns and prints

Street Style: Bold Shoes and Prints in Parisloving the boldness of the shoe.

Style is something very individual, very personal, and in their own unique way, I believe everyone is stylish.
Salman Khan 

Until next week, I remain,

Stylistically yours,