Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wrinkles, Lines and Spiderwebs! Yuck!

I do love to eat a crepe -- as a dinner item or as a dessert item.

But that crepey look of skin is a nightmare. I look at the back of my hands, my arms, even my legs and see "old lady skin."


Those fine lines that seem to form an unending web of "crinkles" are a natural process of ageing but they sure look awful and make you a bit sad.

So you need to know that the culprit of this look is primarily due to a lack of estrogen in your body.

From the International Dermal Institute:

"Estrogens play a major role in the collagen and elastin network of the skin. Losing estrogens means losing dermal collagen production. So skin thins out, loses elasticity and sets the stage for wrinkle formation."

The next thing we then do is figure out is how to improve the quality of our skin without taking hormone replacements. But you must have your thyroid checked because that can influence how your skin grows and ages. So assuming you're in good health, here are some tips:

1.  First and foremost you should increase your hydration. We don't drink as much water as we should as we get older but we absolutely must. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices do not count as hydration. The only true hydration is water....eight or so glasses per day.  If you're like me, water is boring. So infuse it with fresh fruit or cucumber.  Just drink it all day, every day. Doing this will stimulate collagen production and re-energizing the skin.

2. And this is very simple and available no matter where you are: use invigorating essential oils to also provide hydration, nourish and heal your skin. Using oils like Rosewood and Jasmine to provide intense hydration and Carrot Seed, Argan and Rosehip Oils to boost antioxidants, improve elasticity and reinforce the epidermal lipid barrier as great treatment options with the added bonus of providing aromatherapy throughout your day and/or night. 

 3..Exfoliation is a key step in rejuvenating aging skin with slowed cell renewal. Deep moisturizers are appropriate for an aging skin, so be prepared to use rich emollients that hydrate and protect chronically dry skin.  

 4. A diet rich in healthy fats, like Omega-3 is found in salmon and nuts, and will help nourish skin from the inside. Eat up!

 5. Extrinsic aging is practically inescapable, so daily use of sun protection is a must in everyone’s skin care regimen. This is particularly important in aged skin, as it is thinner and allows even more penetration by damaging UV rays.

 Yes, crepey skin is inevitable but you can postpone the problem by doing all of the above. And pray you have good genes!

With that in mind, take good care of're all you have.

Until next time, I remain,

Stylistically yours,