Thursday, May 25, 2017

Glowing Out Loud!

So didja miss me?

It has actually been since January of this year that I last posted. But I need to share some new cosmetics tips with you, my friends.

I have found an amazing new (to me) line:  It used to be Boots No. it goes by No. 7. You can buy it in Target stores, Walgreens and cosmetics shops.  They are great quality products and, I am happy to report, they do NOT test on animals. This British line is in easy to handle containers with clean, clear labeling.

And the Lift and Luminate Foundation is, no lie, a great make up for women "of a certain age"!
I went to a specific Walgreens that does No. 7 Foundation matching through a "scientific" system. It was an unimpressive system and was actually wrong. The Cosmetics rep tried to put me in a foundation that was two shades darker than my skin and it made my skin look muddy. But they do let you try it on in the store, so you can find the best true color for your face. (They have makeup wipes to clean your skin before and during the tests). I ended up buying Cool Vanilla which was the lightest color available and it is a perfect match.

Here's the reason it rocks:  It actually does luminate my face.  I have a glow on my face.  A shine. And it is flattering and makes me look more youthful.  I wore it to my volunteer job and kept getting compliments from a sweet young man who just raved about how good I looked.  It was the foundation.

I was watching "Grace and Frankie" on Netflix and noticed that Jane Fonda (who looks so freaking beautiful) has a glowy face. She has that dewy glisten on her cheekbones, forehead and looks great.

I have since decided not to put any on my nose or chin, because I get extra shiny there. So I just put primer and powder on those areas. And I even add some additional MAC Strobe Creme on my cheek bones (being round faced, they are hard to find).  I don't use any powder on the remainder of my face. And I love how I look with this great makeup.

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I also have their Face Serum, based on a recommendation my little sister saw on a TV show. I haven't seen any improvement but it sure feels good.

And when my current mascara and lipsticks run out, I'm going to buy their brand, as well.

So, ladies, it isn't expensive (approx. $17), it is flattering and God's creatures will thank you for not buying from brands that torture animals to sell product.

If you do decide to buy it, please let me know what you think. I hope you will find it to be exactly what you want in a youthful, less ageing face.

This quote is perfect for today's post:

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Until next time, I remain,

Stylistically yours,


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