Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Few Things To Bring Up Today!

There's a lot to share with you on this post.

1.  I bought a great pair of espadrilles at TJ Maxx (online price was $70...I paid $29.99). And, just like a million years ago in high school, they rubbed blisters on my heels right away.
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 I used to spend the first month of school wearing bandaids on my heels every day until my shoes were broken in...or my feet were.

There was not the great solution and outstanding product that you can buy now and, trust me, these are amazing!

Image result for heel protector for shoes  Image result for heel protector for shoes

I buy the nude ones at Payless Shoes for under $5.  You peel the sticky back off and place them in the counter part of your shoe. They cushion and protect and prevent chafing and rubbing.  I buy them in bulk because almost every shoe I wear tries to cripple me. The only negative is that the glue doesn't really hold as well as I'd like, so a little Gorilla Glue when they let go will fix you up perfectly.

2.  I was sitting in church a while ago and was gobsmacked at how many women were wearing white clothes and the labels inside were big, bold and obvious.  So I want to say, unless you really care about the washing instructions or if you want everyone to know it is a designer piece, you should cut those obnoxious labels out. Use manicure scissors and cut the labels as close to the seam as possible.
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It's like those tags on your pillows and mattress that say "do not remove under penalty of law"...their message is not for you, but for the sales team. You have complete authority and permission to remove any and all labels from your bedding and your clothes. Now!
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And how many times have your tags stuck out of your back neckline?  End that problem by removing your tags the same time you remove the price tags. Besides, those tags frequently show your size! Yikes!

Image result for shirt tags sticking out

3.  A friend just shared with me a list of cosmetics firms that do not test on animals and is cruelty free. Sadly, L`Oreal is not one of them (RIP) but there are many other firms that are affordable.  I have posted it below from Pinterest. And quit buying from firms that think torturing animals to sell cosmetics is acceptable. It isn't.
List of 100% Cruelty-Free Brands (2016): Cruelty-free makeup, skincare, and hair care brands! Updated 2016. #crueltyfree #makeup:

4.  I recently bought two workout, racer back bras at Marshall's for only $12.99.  I have resisted buying workout bras because they all have padding. But, happily I discovered, that padding can be removed and stuck into a drawer.  I don't want "the girls" to salute anyone but I also don't want them to be enhanced. So if you're like me, take `em out and put them away. Go buy new ones periodically and don't forget to lift weights....they grow bones better than taking calcium!

Image result for racerback sports braImage result for racerback sports bra with removable padding

So with that in mind,

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Until next time, I remain stylistically yours,


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